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  • How do I buy tickets
    All ticket sales are done online. Just select your dates and times, click on the link and don't forget to let us know who told you about the show!
  • How do I get there?
    Performances in 2024 are held at Abbotsleigh at Wahroonga. Parking is available on grounds and surrounding areas. We have helpful usherers on site on the day, so please ask for help if you need any.
  • Is there an intermission?
    We have a break in the between the acts where you can stretch your legs.
  • Can I join this year's shows?
    Auditions are closed for the year as our cast is busy rehearsing the fabulous show! However, there are many opportunities to be a part of our backstage crew, and get a feel of the show.
  • Can anyone join?
    You need to be a member of Scouts or Girl Guides and between the age of 11 and 25 to be a cast member.
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