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Hey There

We are made up of 130 members in the cast and over 250 crew behind the scene in support departments including technical, back stage, set design, catering, wardrobe, personnel, management and many many more.​

Who can join


​Hornsby Gang Show is open to all members of Sydney North Region Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and Northern Sydney Region Girl Guides. To be a cast member you must be at least 11 years of age in July of the performance year and be a registered, active member of your Scout/Guide Section. Support Departments are also open to all members of the Scout Movement and Girl Guides Associations, as well as family and friends.

The Hornsby Gang Show has trained hundreds of Scouts and Guides in all aspects of stagecraft, acting, singing, dancing and many behind the scene jobs and skills ie, lighting, sound, prop building and dozens of others. As well as performing skills the Gang Show aims to develop young people's confidence and self esteem and above all, everyone has fun and a great time. ​

Management Committee Team

Peter Marshall - Group Leader of Hornsby Gang Show

Priscilla LeGuier - Assistant Group Leader - Scouting & Admin, Training

Penny Becchio - Assistant Group Leader  - Marketing & Promotions

Robyn McNamara & Donna Staff - Personnel

Lauren Webb - Director 

Nikki Pearsall - Assistant Producer - Singing 

Joel Tjoa - Assistant Producer - Singing 

Stephanie Vorreiter - Assistant Producer - Choreography

Georgia Muxlow- Assistant Producer -Choreography

Taylor Herbertson - Assistant Producer - Acting

Andy Davis - Technical Director

Yvonne Barton-Park - Musical Director

Kathy Benson - Finance Manager

Kathryn Ralton - Catering  Manager

Lainie Kalnins - Scout Leader  

Eleanor Sands - Wardrobe Manager

Emma Campbell - Welfare Manager

Thomas Bury - Marketing & Promotions 

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