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The Hornsby Gang Show has trained hundreds of Scouts and Guides in all aspects of stagecraft, acting, singing, dancing and many behind the scene jobs and skills ie, lighting, sound, prop building and dozens of others. As well as performing skills the Gang Show aims to develop young people's confidence and self esteem and above all, everyone has fun and a great time. There are 130 members in the cast and over 250 crew behind the scene in support departments including technical, back stage, set design, catering, wardrobe, personnel, management and many many more.

Hornsby Gang Show was a pioneer to be the first Gang Show to start using a technical back drop screen for our shows


Hornsby Gang Show is open to all members of Sydney North Region Scouts, Venturers, Rovers,  Leaders and Sydney North Region Guides. To be a cast member you must be at least 11 years of age in July of the performance year and be a registered, active member of your Scout/Guide Section. Support Departments are also open to all members of the Scout Movement and Guide Associations, as well as family and friends.


  1. To use performing arts to instil the principles of scouting and guiding in young people, so helping them to become more confident, capable and valued citizens.

  2. To give the participants an enriching and rewarding experience.

  3. To enhance the reputation of scouting and guiding within the membership and amongst the broader community.

  4. Adopt BP’s Principles – to follow the advice of scouting’s founder, Lord Baden Powell, to make amateur theatricals part of the scout training, using the Gang Show concept originated by Ralph Reader.

  5. Develop character and skills, to extend the scout and guide programmes by involving young people in the performing arts.

  6. Provide a quality experience for young people, to give the best possible experience to all who join the Gang by ensuring that the show is well run and that all the adults who assist in its many departments have service to the above ideals as their primary focus.

  7. Have fun – to ensure that everybody enjoys the experience – from the youngest cast member to those adults who work hard behind the scenes. To maintain a happy, friendly, cooperative and harmonious atmosphere and great Gang spirit.

  8. Commit to excellence & Reach wide – to bring the experience to as many young people as possible through the Hornsby zone and the surrounding areas.

  9. Build relationships – to work harmoniously with all scouting and guiding people to further the movement’s aims and promote the positive contribution the performing arts makes the membership.

  10. Promoting Scouting and Guiding – to enhance the image and extend the recognition of scouting and guiding to outside the scouting and guiding movements.

  11. Ensure financial independence.


  • Keith Conlon - radio and television personality

  • Andy Lee - Australian Comedian

  • John Bannon - former S.A. Premier

  • Michael Lewis - principal with the Australian Opera Company

  • Jimmy Harrington - walked around Australia and raised over $230,000 for charity Shane Jacobson - actor, director and comedian, known for the character of ‘Kenny’ Grant Reed - technical director for Disney Cruise Lines

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