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Child Safe Environments

Here at Hornsby Gang Show we take our duty of care seriously and are guided by the Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy and Prescribed Procedures document. 


Please find the link to this document below.

Scouts Australia Child Protection Policy and Prescribed Procedures​


We draw your attention to pg. 4 which discusses the scope of the policy, pg. 6 which describes the definitions of abuse, pg. 10 requirements regarding working with children checks, pg. 12 reporting requirements and then pg. 13 and on which describes the procedures/practices in scouting including social media.


Hornsby Gang Show is a place where everyone should feel safe (youth and adults).
If you feel unsafe at any time or you have any concerns for any adult or youth member, it’s important to speak up and let us know. 

Look out for a YSA (Youth Safe Advocate), a member of the welfare team, Scout Leader or speak to someone you trust.  

Youth Safe Advocates are responsible for:

·        Becoming the ‘on the ground’ face of Scouts NSW Child Safety initiatives 

·        Understanding and explaining Scouts NSW Child Protection policies and procedures

·        Promoting Child Safe Messaging throughout the organisation

·        Achieving a high level understanding of prevention and intervention child abuse strategies; and

·        Encouraging and enabling incident reporting.

Report a Child Protection Matter

Call: 02 9735 9000 or Email:

Privacy Policy

Hornsby Gang Show handles all information in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out by Scouts NSW, which complies with the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.


For further information, please refer to the attached PDF policies beside the child safe message video.

All Gang Show cast members—or their parent or guardian where required—sign an authorisation form via CareMonkey regarding the release of photographs and videos and also sign off that you have read the attached Child Protection documents. However, if there are any issues with a photo or video which appears on this site, please don't hesitate to contact our personnel department 


Child Protection Policy and Prescribed Procedures

Child Safe Messaging Protocol

Child Protection Policy


Privacy Policy

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