Meet The Gang

Who is the Gang?


The cast:


Hornsby Gang Show members audition every year in February. They are local Scout and Guide members, need to be active members located in the Sydney North Region and aged 11 - 26yrs.

Behind the Scenes


There are over 150 volunteers who help get the show on stage every year. Their involvement ranges from hanging banners, to designing programs, fitting costumes, and helping to make and paint sets. These may be friends or family of the cast or other interested scouting and guiding friends.

Contact Us to find out how to get involved.


Creating a Show


Every year a new team meet to develop a completely new Hornsby Gang Show.

Hornsby Gang Show not only offers an opportunity for young people to perform, but through its creative team involves them in all aspects of the writing, design and production of the show. They provide the youthful energy and vision that keeps Hornsby Gang Show so innovative and fun.

The team meets every fortnight from October to January. During brainstorming sessions the team comes up with new concepts, workshop different ideas, and listen to lots of music. By watching musicals and dance concerts, and looking at recordings of old shows to provide ideas for items to re-visit and re-vamp, they are inspired to create new material and original approaches. Once the team has a collection of music and sketches they explore different staging designs for costumes, settings and movement. Then they can assemble a program that balances casting and mood across the whole show to create a lively entertaining script.

Rehearsing the show - MUSIC DANCE ACT SING


The Production team take the finished scripts from the creative team and craft the show. A choreography team, an acting team (the A ?Team) and a singing team develop the routines and tutor the cast. All the members of our teams are cast members who take on these extra challenges and roles

The Production Team


2009 saw a restructure of the Production Team with 7 new members stepping up to this challenging role. They have been meeting regularly since October last year with the creative team. They bring all the wonderful creative ideas together and then put the life and soul into them by improving the casts singing dancing and acting skills.

DANCE - Choreography Team


Hornsby Gang Show is renown for its energy and movement. The production team believes every child in the show is able to dance and we set our youth challenges ? which they always rise to. The talented choreography team brings dance and movement to every musical item. Our Cookies (choreography team) spend lots of time with those youth members who have never learnt dance and movement before going over the steps. Our choreography team consists of 5 members ranging in age from 15 -30. All of our team are trained dancers and are very passionate about movement.

SING - the Singing Team


Over the past few years Hornsby Gang Show has been working on further improving the casts singing skills. The singing team teach the cast new vocal skills and encourage more talented singers to take on solo and lead roles.

ACT - the Acting Team


In 2009 a dedicated acting team was formed - The A -Team are working on improving our production with improved characterisation and diction.

MUSIC - the Orchestra


Hornsby Gang Show has a reputation for its out standing Orchestra. It is a great some excellent musical experience and be part of the bigger Gang show experience.


A minimum performance level of Grade 5 AMEB is required.

You don't need to be a guide or scout.

All age groups over the age of 15 years are welcome

When you join the Gang


Gang Shows are organised like all typical Scout/Guide activities, as a Scout Troop with the participants being grouped into patrols and attending special Gang Show camps and activities. All patrols have P.L's and the Troop has Scout Leaders for support.


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Do you want to join the Gang?


Want to join in the fun of Gang Show and be a cast member in 2014?

Hornsby Gang Show cast is open to all registered, active Scout and Guide members located in the Sydney North Region aged 11-26 years.

Contact Us to register your interest and we will send you an application form at the end of this year.


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